In:Confidence 2018

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The raging controversy surrounding the internet giants’ use and control of personal information has put privacy back in the spotlight. It is a wake-up call to any organisation charged with the care of sensitive data.

Join us for In:Confidence 2018, an exclusive day-long community event exploring the transformative power of data privacy.

Learn how industry leaders see privacy as an enabler for innovation and the key to building consumer trust.

Hear about the real-life data journeys your peers have taken in leading organisations, listen to renowned journalists and thinkers put privacy into context, and enjoy the debate and discussion from our panelists.

This is your chance to:

  • Understand the secret to privacy-empowered customer success
  • Discuss organisational security vs privacy – and learn why you need both
  • Hear how leading enterprises are leveraging privacy technologies to broaden access to valuable data
  • Explore how privacy supports ethical practices in AI
  • Gain insight into leading research and innovation in privacy enhancing technologies
  • Learn about the changing roles of the data custodians – as well as the tools and processes that help them do their jobs.



19th April 2018
09:30 - 17:00
& networking drinks


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09:30 Arrival & Coffee  
10:00 Welcome

Jason du Preez - CEO, Privitar
Georgie Barrat - Leading technology broadcaster and journalist, The Gadget Show

10:10 Opening keynote: Solving privacy to make the most of valuable healthcare data Ben Goldacre - Author, Broadcaster & Doctor, University of Oxford
10:30 Inside the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook story Harry Daviesformer Guardian researcher in conversation with
Christopher Wylie
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower
11:15 Privacy as a Service within BT - Making privacy an integral part of data operations Phillip Radley - Chief Data Architect, BT
11:35 Coffee Break  
11:50 The changing role of the data custodians JP Rangaswami - Chief Data Officer, Deutsche Bank
12:15 Panel - Security and Privacy: defining the relationship Chair: Rob Anderson, Head of Field Operations, Privitar

Sanjeev Shukla - UK Security Consulting Lead, Accenture
Jonathan Vowles - Data Security, HSBC
Ellis Parry - Head of Data Privacy, BP
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Panel - The Future of AI: Data and Privacy Considerations Chair: Azeem Azhar - Award winning entrepreneur, Exponential View & Accenture

Jeni Tennison - CEO, ODI
Sherif Elsayed-Ali - Director of Global Issues and Research, Amnesty International
Andrea Mestriner - Head of Analytics and Data Visualisation, Just Eat
14:45 Will data privacy kill innovation? Olivier Penel - EMEA Data Management Business Director, SAS
15:10 Coffee  
15:30 Can we own data about us? Jeni Tennison - CEO, ODI
15:45 Privacy Enhancing Technologies and the GDPR George Danezis - Professor of Security and Privacy Engineering, UCL
16:10 The practical reality of Data Privacy in large enterprises Jason McFall - CTO, Privitar
16:25 Closing keynote: Trust and Outrage

Tim Harford - Best selling author and economist, Financial Times & BBC

16:50 Closing Remarks

Jason du Preez - CEO, Privitar

17:00 Networking Drinks  

Our confirmed speakers

Tim Harford

Best Selling Author and Economist
Financial Times & BBC

Christopher Wylie

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

Azeem Azhar

Award-winning entrepreneur, strategist and commentator
Exponential View & Accenture

Harry Davies

Writer and former Guardian researcher

Dr. Ben Goldacre

Author, Broadcaster & Doctor
University of Oxford

Phillip Radley

Chief Data Architect
British Telecom

Jeni Tennison

Open Data Institute

JP Rangaswami

Chief Data Officer
Deutsche Bank

Georgie Barrat

Leading technology broadcaster and journalist
The Gadget Show

Dr. George Danezis

Professor of Security & Privacy Engineering

Sherif Elsayed-Ali

Director of Global Issues & Research
Amnesty International

Olivier Penel

Data Management Business Director

Sanjeev Shukla

Managing Director
Accenture UK

Jonathan Vowles

Data at Rest Security Team Lead

Andrea Mestriner

Head of Analytics and Data Visualisation Web
Just Eat

Ellis Parry

Head of Data Privacy

Jason du Preez


Jason McFall


Rob Anderson

Head of Field Operations

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