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Join the data conversation! Each week, we invite thought leaders and futurists to delve into topics and trends concerning data, analytics, and privacy. We’ll cover how to use, manage, and protect your data more effectively, touch on the regulations and policies affecting the industry, and predict what the future of data will look like.   Stay up to date with what’s new in data by listening to In:Confidence The Podcast for DataOps Leaders.   Tune in here, or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn.   Want to be a guest? Email us at Inconfidence@privitar.com

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Trailer Episode: Introducing In:Confidence

Featuring Nick Curcuru, Host of In:Confidence and Vice President of Advisory Services at Privitar
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Episode 1: Safe Analytics: Why You Need to Nail Down Usage and Intent

Featuring Cindy Maike, VP Industry Solutions & Value Management at Cloudera
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Episode 2: Anonymization & Data Sharing: Myths & Best Practices

Featuring Guy Cohen, Head of Policy and Marcus Grazette, Europe Policy Lead at Privitar

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Episode 3: Bits To Bedside-Using Big Data in Precision Medicine

Featuring Dexter Hadley, MD, PhD, Founding Chief of the Division of AI at University of Central Florida College of Medicine and Founder of Hadley Lab

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Episode 4: Legal by Design: A Human-Centered Approach to Privacy & Collaboration

Featuring Giorgia Vulcano, Data Ethics Officer at AB InBev

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Episode 5: Escaping the Data Shantytown: Data as a Business-Owned Asset

Featuring Anand Pandya, Chief Data Officer at Curinos

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Episode 6: EDM Council: Advocates for the Value of Data Management

Featuring John Bottega, President of the EDM Council

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Episode 7: How Data Innovation Drove Company Value to the Tune of $180 Million

Featuring Jorge Lozano, Manager of Data Science and Innovation, Steelcase

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Episode 8: The Path to Modern Data Provisioning

Featuring Jason du Preez, CEO and co-founder, Privitar

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Episode 9: How To Build Data Assembly Lines to Crank Out Value

Featuring Chris Bergh, CEO and "Head Chef,” DataKitchen

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Episode 10: Innovation In Data: What’s Next?

Featuring Suja Viswesan, Senior Vice President and Head of Data, WarnerMedia

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Episode 11: Best Practices for Placing Value on Data

Featuring Tina Rosario, Chief Data Officer, Europe, SAP

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