The A-Z of Privacy

Making sense of the jargon behind data protection

Protecting data can often be a daunting task. Along the way you have to navigate complex processes and get to grips with complicated jargon. We’re the first to admit, our industry can at times be confusing, especially to non-technical audiences.

But we also know how important privacy is to organizations looking to derive value from data. It’s too important to remain obscure, so to help out we’ve compiled a glossary featuring some of the most important terms in privacy engineering. We’ll keep updating the list, so make sure to check back regularly. And if you can’t find a term you’re dying to understand, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Learn the jargon. It’s useful for your job and it’ll make you a hit at dinner parties.

Also checkout the Summary of key terms in context of Privitar Usage.

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