Unlocking the Value of Healthcare Data
with Privitar and AWS

Virtual Workshop

Wednesday 27th May 2020

10:30 am – 1:00 pm BST

Data privacy empowers healthcare organisations to move more operations to the cloud with confidence, taking greater advantage of cloud services and simplifying governance.

Join Privitar, AWS and guest speakers from healthcare industry customers for online presentations and virtual roundtable discussion on Wednesday May 27th.

Privitar will outline best practises for healthcare and government organisations to implement data privacy in the cloud and AWS will present on how companies get insights from greater volumes of data to greater numbers of users in faster time and.

In the final part of the event, a panel of industry leaders from NHS Digital, Vitality and AstraZeneca will discuss how they unlock value from their data. Stay on the line from 12.30 pm to ask questions and discuss the event themes.

Space is limited for this complimentary event. Please register below to reserve your place at the earliest opportunity.

Our healthcare industry speakers

Paul Gilliatt – Programme Director – Data Processing Services, NHS Digital

Kanika Chaganty – Chief Data Officer, Vitality

Glenn Cook – Head of Data & Information Governance, AstraZeneca


10.30 am – Intro: The privacy challenges for organisation handling HCLS data

10.45 am – The world of possibilities with HCLS data using AWS advanced services

11.15 am – Implementing Data Privacy Best Practice in the Cloud

11.45 am – Customer Panel with NHS Digital, Vitality and AstraZeneca

12.30 pm – Questions and discussion

Why participate?

  • Learn how advanced analytics and AI/ML tools are used to derive insights from healthcare data
  • Discover how data privacy can enable you to extract value from sensitive data without compromising consistency and utility
  • See how engineering privacy protection into datasets supports compliance with data protection regulations in multiple jurisdictions


This event is an opportunity for healthcare organisations that manage data in the cloud – or are thinking about migrating – to learn how technology can support data privacy best practices at scale.

If you are a data-driven business leader or technical decision-maker, join us for an informative session with industry peers.



Ready to learn more?

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