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Secure data access in minutes not months

Universal security and privacy controls for the modern data stack.

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Get clear actions for data compliance —immediately and cost effectively.

Grasp the impact of data compliance laws, principles, and practices on data use across multiple jurisdictions. Get the steps you need to take to comply—immediately, not in months.

  • Describe your project
  • Query against our rules engine
  • Get an immediate answer as well as a risk level and score
  • Generate clear and actionable data compliance steps
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Ensure data is used responsibly

Privitar’s comprehensive range of controls allows users to tailor data protections for every use case and context. They preserve the business value of data while minimizing the risk of exposing identifiable attributes. Fine-grained controls can target rows, columns or individual cells.

  • Data access controls filter records in or out based on conditions.
  • Data privacy transformations make sensitive data safe for use in analytics and machine learning.
  • Unique digital watermarks record the provenance of protected data
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Get the right data in the right hands

Our Data Exchange ensures data consumers understand what assets are safe and useful for analytics, so they can access approved data without friction or delay. Data owners and guardians define how data can be used, who can access it, and which controls to apply to it — automatically preparing data for responsible use.

  • Data owners can easily package, curate, and register data assets to make them accessible to your team.
  • Data guardians can effortlessly define, enforce, and maintain policies.
  • Our data exchange streamlines collaborative processes to drive faster access to data.
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Why Choose Privitar…

Reduce the time it takes for users to access safe and useful data
Protect customers and comply with data privacy regulations
Preserve the business value of your data

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