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Uniquely Identify Protected Data

Privitar Watermarks™ embed a unique “fingerprint” into de-identified datasets as part of a Protected Data Domain. Watermarks are encoded in the data itself, without any fidelity loss or data bias, and thus invisible to the data user.


Identity Travels with Each Dataset

Watermarks are a powerful identification and tracking mechanism that, like an irremovable luggage tag or bar code, follow a dataset wherever it goes. They facilitate detection and attribution of distribution of sensitive datasets and verify data lineage. Watermarks can be used to determine whether and how a dataset is protected, and trace by whom, for whom and for what purpose it was authorized.

Track and Control Data Movement

Watermarks can be used proactively to control, restrict or govern sensitive data usage. For example, you can require Watermarks for data movement, such as exporting or sharing data externally, or moving data between different systems, environments or jurisdictions. Logging each checkpoint provides:

Location history for each dataset

Instant access to current
locations of each dataset

Insight into unauthorized

Difficult To Defeat by Design

Privitar distributes Watermarks redundantly throughout a dataset, making it difficult for an adversary to remove or tamper with it.

Reduce Insider Threats

Simply knowing that datasets contain Watermarks creates a powerful deterrent against insider threats. With an understanding that datasets can be easily traced, data users take greater care, avoid unauthorized sharing, and heed organizational security policies and procedures.

Accelerate Breach Notification and Remediation

Data breaches are inevitable and come with consumer notification mandates. Watermarks enable you to quickly identify a dataset, the privacy protections applied, and therefore the risk of sensitive information exposure. Moreover, with instant access to the lineage of the dataset, you can accelerate forensic investigation and remediation efforts.

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