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Centrally define your Data Privacy Policies and consistently apply them across your organization

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Achieve Consistency and Control of Your Data Protections

Privacy Policies describe the protections you apply to your sensitive data. With the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™, you can define your Privacy Policies centrally and apply them consistently across your organization. Plus, you can fine tune the controls to achieve the optimal balance of privacy and utility according to data use.

Decouple Privacy Policy Management from Implementation

Privacy governance and technology evolve at different speeds and are pushed and pulled by different needs and trade-offs. Thanks to Privitar you can finally decouple your Privacy Policies from your data platforms.

You can define your policies once and apply them to any of your data environments, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud, streaming or batch. If you need to change your Policies, you can do so from the Privitar Policy Manager, and the changes will be automatically reflected in your data processing platforms, without any coding required.

Manage Your Policies from the UI or REST APIs

No coding required. You don’t even need to be technical. Privacy Policies can be defined and managed via the easy-to-use Privitar Policy Manager user interface. If you want to automate your processes at scale, you can use the Policy Manager REST APIs to integrate with existing enterprise metadata catalogs.

Centralize or Distribute Policy Creation

Privacy Policies can be defined and managed by a central team and enforced across your entire organization. The Privitar Platform also allows you to distribute the creation of Privacy Policies to the data owners, business units or other functional units that own the data risk while retaining central oversight and audit capabilities. Or choose a hybrid approach. Global Privacy Rules are defined in a central Rules Library, which will help you maintain consistency and compliance with regulatory standards.

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