Intrinsic Data.DNA

Support compliance by tracking data across your organization and beyond.

Track and Trace for Protected Data

Tracking your data as you drive it to the systems where you realize its value is critical for regulatory compliance.

Privitar provides the DNA about how each dataset is created in rich metadata. Intrinsic Data.DNA is the ability to track and trace protected data and integrate information from protected datasets in your wider governance processes.

Uniquely Identify Protected Data

Privitar Watermarks™ embed the unique identity of every protected dataset as part of the Protected Data Domain (PDD) design.

Watermarks are encoded in the data itself, invisible to the data user, without affecting fidelity or data bias.

Use Watermarks to determine how a dataset is protected, and trace who authorised it, for which users and for what purpose.

Identity Travels with Each Dataset

Watermarks are a powerful identification and tracking mechanism. Like a digital tag or barcode that can’t be removable, they travel with a dataset wherever it goes.

Watermarks facilitate detection and attribution of protected datasets and make it possible to verify data lineage.

Privitar distributes Watermarks redundantly throughout a dataset, creating a serious challenge for anyone trying to remove or tamper with it.

Leverage Intrinsic Data.DNA to proactively control, restrict or govern the use of protected data.

A record of intended scope and purpose travels in metadata with every PDD, just as our passports record our identity and permits when we travel.

Inspect the Watermarks in PDDs at checkpoints such as exporting or sharing data externally, or moving data between different systems, environments or jurisdictions.

Logging each checkpoint provides instant access to current locations and location history for each dataset, plus insight into unauthorized attempts.

Added Protection Layer

Data breaches are a fact of life. Even organizations with the most robust defences can experience a breach, and many jurisdictions now mandate regulator or even consumer notification in the event of a breach.

Intrinsic Data.DNA empowers you to deliver a strong, rapid response within mandated notification requirements. When you have a breach, you are already prepared to respond.

Limit Insider Threats

Watermarks are a powerful deterrent against insider threats. When data users know datasets can be traced easily, they take care to follow organizational security policies and avoid unauthorized sharing.

Accelerate Breach Response

Watermarks enable you to quickly identify a dataset, the privacy protections applied and the risk that sensitive information is exposed. With instant access to the lineage of a dataset, you can accelerate forensic investigation and remediation efforts.

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