Cross Entity Data Sharing

Overcome trust barriers to safely share data and collaborate with third parties.

Integrate Data to Reach Richer Insights

Organizations want to bring together data owned by different business units, companies within a group or even external partners, but trust and regulatory requirements are barriers to collaboration on data projects between multiple parties.

Privitar’s Cross Entity Data Sharing capability enables organizations to overcome trust barriers and generate insights from rich, combined datasets that previously would have been out of reach.

Turn On Collaborate Mode

Use Privitar to safely and confidently collaborate on shared data with internal and external partners. Share data across different legal entities and support collaborative research models like never before.

Combine Data Safely

Linking diverse datasets can enrich data and lead to breakthrough insights, but linking datasets holding personal information can increase the risk of inadvertent identification or disclosure of sensitive information.

With Privitar SecureLink™ you can join fragmented data with common identifiers and perform analytics on combined datasets without the risk of identifying individual data subjects.

With SecureLink™ applying consistent, but secure treatment to all identifiers, a central collaborator can safely join data from multiple parties into a single dataset.

SecureLink™ uses blind matching and homomorphic encryption to join varied datasets without disclosing linking identifiers that can reveal identities.

SecureLink™ masks identifiers using industry-standard encryption schemes, so they stay encrypted at all times.

Share Data Safely

Sharing your data with different business units or external partners can get you to breakthrough insights quicker but passing data to any entity where your visibility and control are limited risks exposing sensitive information.

Privitar makes it possible to share exclusively the data that’s essential for your objective by applying targeted de-identification to maintain data utility, applying contextual protections that will maintain data utility without compromising data privacy.

Privitar’s Protected Data Domains allow you to tune de-identification and define protections fit for the specific destination and purpose of data.

Privitar Watermarks and Intrinsic Data.DNA metadata travel with your data to trace use, deter insider threats and accelerate forensic investigation wherever necessary.

Privitar works within data readiness initiatives, where governance mechanisms, data request processes, and data protections designed up-front ensure timely access to shared data whenever needed.

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