Centralized Policy Management

Accelerate data access by applying consistent Privacy Policies.

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Achieve Consistency and Control

You want to leverage all your data for analytics, but data access is regularly delayed, slow or prohibited when sensitive data is involved.

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ empowers you to accelerate data access by defining Privacy Policies centrally and applying them consistently across your organization.

Central Command and Control

With Privitar, Privacy Policies can be defined and managed by a central team and enforced across your entire organization to maintain consistency and compliance with regulatory standards in every region where you operate.

Privacy Policies describe the protections you apply to your sensitive data and our fine-tuned controls allow you to achieve the optimal balance of privacy and utility according to data use.

When you need to update a policy, make your changes in the Privitar Policy Manager through a no-code, easy to use interface where updates can be applied automatically in your data processing platforms.

Tailored fit

Privitar makes it possible to implement privacy rules and policies specific to your organization’s requirements. You can systematically apply the designated Privacy Policy for each scenario, with protections fitted to the analyses you design.

Policies are defined once and distributed to your current processing and analytics platforms to execute, leveraging your existing investments in security standards and scalability.

Empower Business Users

At last, data privacy without coding! Business, compliance and other non-technical users can create, approve, and manage Privacy Policies through Privitar’s easy-to-use Policy Manager UI.

Privitar empowers you to put policy management in the hands of users who understand risk and the analytical value of your data.

Privacy Governance, Free From Siloes

Data privacy governance and technology evolve at different speeds, pushed and pulled by different needs and goals.

The Privitar Platform decouples privacy and governance from underlying data platforms, so you can apply policies consistently across your entire organization with the freedom to use the most appropriate analytics technology for every situation.

Define your policies once and apply them in any data environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud, batch, streaming, or on demand.

Policy Manager

Privacy Policies are created, managed, and controlled in the centralized Policy Manager, where policy execution is orchestrated.

Policy Execution

Privacy Policies are applied at the data layer. Data can be de-identified in batch, streaming and on demand modes, which supports a broad range of modern data architectures.

Automate for Scale

Automate your data provisioning processes at scale by integrating the Privitar Policy Manager with your existing data pipeline tools and access control systems.

Support Existing Team Structures

Role separation in Privitar supports your existing team structures. You can delegate responsibility for creating Privacy Policies to data owners, while retaining central oversight and audit capabilities.

Profiles based on use case or persona allow for teams to retain independence and own their Privacy Policies.

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