Data Privacy Automation at Scale

Enforce data privacy while removing the friction between data sources and users

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Scale-up Data Provisioning via Data Privacy Automation

At scale, organizations require streamlined provisioning that handles the volume and breadth of data usage in their organizations. Processes must stand up to policies, regulations and audit. Manual processes and bespoke scripting are slow, error-prone, subject to exceptions and ultimately break under enterprise load. Data privacy automation removes the friction between data sources and users while systematically enforcing data privacy.

Automate De-Identification with Privitar’s REST APIs

Privitar includes a comprehensive set of REST APIs that enable data privacy automation and orchestration of data de-identification and provisioning processes. With Privitar’s powerful REST APIs you can programmatically configure the Policy Manager, as well as automatically assign and apply standardized, centrally-managed Privacy Policies to orchestrated data pipelines.

Deliver Privacy as a Service with Privitar On Demand

Custom applications and data services that process sensitive personal data are not exempt from corporate and regulatory requirements for data privacy automation. With the Privitar On Demand service, the same Privacy Policies defined in the Policy Manager can be executed ‘on-demand’ from your applications or scripts by calling the Privitar On Demand HTTPS API. Furthermore, you can directly integrate the service into your applications using the software development kit (SDK). And of course, the same fine-grained privacy controls as the rest of the Privitar Platform come standard, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Achieve an End-to-End Integrated Data Pipeline

Privitar’s open architecture enables flexible integration with your data pipeline tools. Metadata imported from tools, such as data discovery, data catalogs, and identity and access management (IAM), can be used to determine the appropriate Privacy Policies. And metadata from Privitar Protected Data Domains™ can be synced back to these systems and used to enforce correct data usage and data expiration in accordance with your standards and policies.

Monitor and Audit Your Automated Processes

Privitar records system events and actions, such as data provisioned, Privacy Policies applied, and metadata and Watermarks recorded, so that you can audit processes and demonstrate compliance. Plus, you can gain insights into data provisioned and usage, such as who are the power vs. infrequent users. And what data is the most valuable vs. what goes little or unused, perhaps indicating there are cataloging or awareness issues?

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