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Consistently apply data privacy policies across your entire organization

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Consistently Enforce Your Data Privacy Policies across All of Your Analytics Platforms

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ decouples data privacy governance from the underlying analytics technologies. With Privitar, you can consistently apply data privacy policies across your entire organization, while retaining the freedom to use the most appropriate data analytics technology for every situation. Privacy protections are defined once and distributed to market-leading processing platforms to execute in order to utilize your existing security standards and scalability investments.

A Choice for Any Kind of Data Processing Model

No matter how heterogeneous or complex your technology environment, with Privitar you can protect your sensitive data using the data processing model and platforms which best fit your use cases. Privitar supports a range of data processing models, including:

Data in Motion & Streaming
with Kafka & NiFi

Batch Processing
with Spark & Hadoop

On Demand & API Processing

Support for On-premise, Cloud, Multi-cloud and Hybrid Environments

Privitar allows you to consistently enforce all of your Privacy Policies in all of your environments, no matter where the data is, even if you have a complex environment, comprising multiple cloud providers or hybrid deployments including on-premise data centers. Privitar has you covered, thanks to its native cloud integrations with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms, and data-center technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and NiFi. Now you can unleash the power of public cloud providers advanced analytics and machine learning services, while complying with company policies and overcoming privacy risk concerns of using sensitive personal data in the cloud. With Privitar, Privacy Policies can be enforced on the data either on premise before ingesting into the cloud, or directly in the cloud-native services. You can even enforce Privacy Policies on data streams from your data centers into the cloud.

A Highly Scalable Platform Built for Big Data

Producing the best data-driven insights often involves processing very large amounts of data. This is why Privitar is architected and purpose-built for big data processing natively on modern data processing platforms. By applying policies directly in the analytics environment where the data resides, Privitar exploits the scalable processing of these big data platforms to make sure that large scale is never an obstacle when protecting your customer’s sensitive data. Privitar has been proven to scale and protect enterprise-grade datasets at some of the world’s largest organizations.

Technology Platforms

Enterprise-Grade Security

Privacy and security go hand in hand. The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ can leverage your existing security standards so you can easily and consistently enforce security controls at every stage of your data analytics pipeline.
  • SAML 2.0 SSO
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) with LDAP and AD integrations
  • Kerberos authentication and impersonation

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