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Enterprise Data Privacy Management

Maximizing data utility and delivering data-driven insights that fuel growth while protecting your customers’, partners’ and employees’ sensitive data can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With Privitar’s market-leading functionality and enterprise grade software, you can finally achieve both.

Technical Overview

Apply Consistent Privacy Policies

Business, compliance and other non-technical users can create, approve and apply Privitar Privacy Policies within the intuitive privacy policy management user interface. Alternatively, by integrating Privitar’s REST APIs with your data pipeline tools and access control systems, you can systematically apply the proper pre-approved Privacy Policy for each situation and automate your data provisioning workflow at scale.

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Trace Data Provenance

Privitar Watermarks™ enable you to positively determine the origin, lineage and authorized users of every dataset. They reduce insider threats by encouraging responsible behavior by users. And when you inevitably have a breach, you are prepared to respond. Watermarks can be used to accelerate your forensic investigation and remediation so you can deliver a strong response within mandated notification requirements.

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Optimize Data Utility

Context matters. With Privitar Protected Data Domains™ you can implement data minimization and tune the de-identification techniques according to analysis requirements. Based on what data will be used by whom, for what purpose, and by what methods; the rules in your data privacy policies retain resolution where you need it while applying coarser controls where it is less vital. Whether data users are internal or external, they can utilize all of, but only the data essential to each analysis.

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Why Choose Privitar…

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Audit Policy Enforcement

Privitar records the Privacy Policy and the associated privacy preserving de-identification you have applied to your data to create each Protected Data Domain. Plus.

Each Protected Data Domain records metadata about its requester, approver(s), users, purpose and expiration. So, you always can determine the business rules applied for who had access to what data in what form? Why? And when?

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Leverage Modern Data Architecture

Privitar’s data privacy management solutions are designed to run natively in your on premise, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid environment. No need to deploy agents at every data source or create a duplicate environment to de-identify your sensitive data.

Whether you are protecting data at rest, in motion or on demand; Privitar consistently applies de-identification techniques from your Privacy Policies to all of your secure, scalable environments to execute, leveraging your investments.

Safely Combine Sensitive Data

Need to safely integrate data owned by different business units, regions or even independent organizations? Privitar SecureLink™ uses blind matching and homomorphic encryption to enable distributed datasets to be securely joined while never disclosing identity-revealing linking identifiers.

With SecureLink, you can generate insights from these rich, combined datasets that previously would have been out of reach.


Unlock the Power of Siloed, Sensitive Data

Download our case study to find out how Privitar helps NHS Digital improve healthcare, protect patient privacy, support a tenfold data increase and expand its services with our data privacy management and de-identification solutions.

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