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We’re in the foothills of the 4th industrial revolution. A raft of new technologies, perhaps most notably in the field of AI, promise to solve pressing problems and boost economic output. McKinsey estimate the economic benefit of AI alone to be around $13T by 2030. The smart world we’re moving into offers new opportunities, but also throws up new risks, and changes how we can and should respond to existing risks.

Whilst it took months and years to prototype new products, build factories, and distribute the hardware of the first three industrial revolutions. Today’s software is built in ‘sprints’ measured in weeks, with updates pushed out and installed in seconds. As such policy makers must become more agile themselves to keep up. Partially this can be done by creating networks and forums for those in the policy community to discuss their projects and challenges and share learning and ideas.

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Privitar is committed to driving the responsible growth of the data economy. Our close links with academia, the public sector, and the business community make us well placed to bring this diverse network together to tackle these emerging policy issues. To that end Privitar hosts networking and discussion evenings every other month. Each event focuses on a particular topic.

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