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Data is transforming our lives. From the funny memes we see on social media to a life-or-death medical diagnosis. Innovation, whether personalised social media feeds or personalised medicine, relies on collecting, using and sharing personal data. The legal, ethical, regulatory, economic and technological context guides decisions on what data to collect, how to use it and whether to share it.

We shouldn’t make those decisions alone. Collaboration helps us to find the best answers to the most difficult data policy questions and to adapt as the context changes. Our Data Policy Network (DPN) brings together professionals across disciplines with a common interest in data policy. 

We support the network by:

  • Publishing The Data Policy Briefing, our newsletter, once every two months. You can read the latest issue and subscribe. The Data Policy Briefing is a platform for members to connect, share insights and find opportunities.

  • Hosting invitation-only Data Policy Evenings every two to three months on topics ranging from the value of data to AI & data minimisation. We invite a leading guest speaker on the topic to share their reflections then break into small groups to discuss the issues in depth, all under the Chatham House rule. Recent guest speakers include Jeni Tennison (ODI) and Reuben Binns (ICO). Reach out if you’d like to attend.

  • Collaborating with DPN members on joint projects, events and speaking engagements. We’re keen to share our expertise and collaborate on specific challenges in the sectors we’re most familiar with. We’re open to ideas.

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