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We're in the foothills of the 4th industrial revolution. A raft of new technologies, perhaps most notably in the field of AI, promise to solve pressing problems and boost economic output. McKinsey estimate the economic benefit of AI alone to be around $13T by 2030. The smart world we’re moving into offers new opportunities, but also throws up new risks, and changes how we can and should respond to existing risks.

Whilst it took months and years to prototype new products, build factories, and distribute the hardware of the first three industrial revolutions. Today’s software is built in ‘sprints’ measured in weeks, with updates pushed out and installed in seconds. As such policy makers must become more agile themselves to keep up. Partially this can be done by creating networks and forums for those in the policy community to discuss their projects and challenges and share learning and ideas.

Privitar is committed to driving the responsible growth of the data economy. Our close links with academia, the public sector, and the business community make us well placed to bring this diverse network together to tackle these emerging policy issues. To that end Privitar hosts networking and discussion evenings every other month. Each event focuses on a particular topic.

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Past events

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December 3, 2019

Our seventh Data Policy Evening. The theme: Facial Recognition


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10 Sept 2019

Our sixth Data Policy Evening. The theme: Adtech


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4 June 2019

Privacy Enhancing Technologies; a timely new report from the Royal Society

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7 March 2019

Discussion around Reform’s recent paper – Making NHS Data Work for Everyone

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26 November 2018

Discussion around Proportionality - what's the issue?



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Data Policy Evening with Privitar

5 September 2018

Our Second Data Policy Evening. The theme: Accountability


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"Highly recommend these lively Privitar Data Policy Evenings - last one I went to featured an insightful discussion of the Royal Society's report on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, from a wide variety of experts in the room, many working at the coal face deploying working versions of these cutting edge systems to protect our confidentiality-- all the more reasons to pay attention given recent ICO fines levied on some large companies for not taking enough care"

Jon Crowcroft
Marconi Professor of Communications Systems, University of Cambridge
and the Chair of the Programme Committee at the Alan Turing Institute

"A great evening of meaningful discussions about topics which influence the technology industry. It was also a brilliant opportunity to network with a wide range of diverse and relevant contacts including those from academia, public bodies and industry.”

Emily Barwell
BPE Solicitors LLP

The Privitar events are a great place to learn about the latest research in data policy, meet experts from different sectors facing the same data questions, and engage in challenging and honest discussions about the issues and solutions of tomorrow.

Christina Hitrova, The Turing

It was such a treat to spend an evening in the Privitar office chatting with smart and friendly people who knew so much about privacy and data. I learned a lot and it definitely helped inform my work. Will be back!

Fionntan O’Donell, Senior Data Technologist, ODI

I thought there was a great mix of people with a breadth of expertise and experience, which led to really insightful conversations

Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research, Reform

I really enjoy the opportunity to meet such a diverse range of people from business, government, academia, and civil society at the Privitar data policy evenings.


Privitar's data policy evenings are like a modern-day salon and always provide an interesting dive into the future of technology and policy.


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