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Understanding what data compliance laws and regulations are relevant to your data-driven projects and the steps to take to comply is complex. That’s why most organizations turn to costly law firms for advice. But there is an easier way. Based on the information provided, we’ve calculated the below to demonstrate how much you are currently spending in time and money (internally and externally). Instead, you could be automating this process.

Cost per year¹

Weeks spent per year²

People hours per year³

Reduce the time and cost to comply

We estimate data compliance is costing you $[costperyear] every year.
That’s around [peoplehours] people hours.

We estimate you could be spending $[costperyear] on ensuring your data projects are in line with data compliance laws and regulations. That’s around [weeksperyear] weeks spent by your legal, compliance and risk team together with your data team resourcing these projects each year. For a more detailed view of how we’ve calculated this cost plus a short summary of the data compliance requirements applicable to your HQ, provide your email address below. We’ll reveal the information immediately.

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The problem navigating data compliance

Global laws and regulations governing data privacy, protection, and security continue to evolve and come into effect, creating challenges for organizations that want to put data in the hands of users.

Limited understanding of data compliance rules

Those needing to work with specific sets of data to drive ongoing business value don’t know or understand the regulations that determine the data they can safely use.

Duplicated data compliance efforts

With multiple individuals requesting use of data, efforts to evaluate data compliance against a multitude of regulations can result in repeated and worse, duplicate reviews.

Expending time and money on expert advice

Having to rely on law firms to advise on data compliance is not only costly but introduces delays. And crucial compliance knowledge remains with the external firm, not with your business.

Privitar makes navigating data compliance simple

Reduce costs, reduce risk, and reach value faster with Privitar Data Compliance Navigator.

Key benefits

Reduce costs

Cut out reliance on human intervention with immediate access to reusable compliance information saving both time and money.

Drop your legal caseload

By reducing the need to seek legal advice, take the time and cost out of efforts to understand and implement data compliance steps for projects.

Actionable compliance steps

Automatically calculate what’s needed to meet data compliance rules with actionable interpretations of regulations across the globe, codified by certified experts in data privacy regulations.

See it for yourself today

Find out how Privitar Data Compliance Navigator could help you with an in-depth assessment of your business and demonstration of exactly how it works.

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¹Cost per year: we’ve grouped the amount of countries operated in to determine a median number. We’ve then taken this median number and multiplied it by an assumed a cost of $2000 per request. To calculate the final cost, we then multiplied this by the number of data requests per year.
²Weeks spent per year: depending on the amount of countries you selected, we’ve applied a median number to calculate how many weeks a typical data request would take. The greater the number of countries, the greater the number of weeks it takes to process a request. We then multiplied this median number by the number of data requests selected per year.
³People hours spent per year: we’ve used a base assumption that the average working week consists of 37.5 hours and multiplied this with the number of weeks spent per year to calculate the total people hours.


Privitar does not provide or offer formal legal or other advice. The estimates provided within this calculator are indicative only and a “best guess” based upon our market research and intended to provide an illustration of possible current spend. We acknowledge that this may not be 100% accurate as budgets vary. You should not rely on any of the content as formal legal advice. Privitar should be viewed as providing practical advice based upon data compliance requirements around the world. You should consult your legal advisor for formal advice and Privitar does not accept any liability to any person who does rely on the content of this as formal legal advice.