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Privitar customers

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Our customers include:

Gut Reaction

Gut Reaction, part of the NIHR BioResource, is a unique, secure data resource designed to facilitate academic and industry research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Gut Reaction brings together patient data from the IBD BioResource cohort with a patient’s clinical records and makes it available to researchers on a much broader scale than ever before. Patient trust and privacy is critical to Gut Reaction’s success. Privitar allows Gut Reaction to easily, readily, and repeatedly de-identify data so they can maintain privacy and still allow access for research.



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NHS Digital chose to partner with Privitar to protect the privacy of their patients and citizens, to ensure their trusts maintain control of their data and to track and trace the de-identified datasets they produce. With Privitar, the NHS can use their data to improve the patient experience, increase the quality of care, and contribute to medical breakthroughs.

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ABN AMRO’s objectives were to increase the number of consumers with access to safe, usable data and decrease the time to provide that data. The bank adopted Privitar’s platform to automate data privacy governance directly within the data provisioning process. This reduced the time for users to access data and realize value from analytics projects.

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Flixmedia turned to Privitar to help onboard industry-standard best practices for data privacy while mitigating compliance and regulatory concerns over consumer IP addresses. It also alleviated reliance on cookies within the Flixmedia content syndication platform.

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