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Modern data architecture

Policies, enforced consistently across distributed environments, ensure the best performance by applying protections close to where data lives.

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Protect data for every use case

We extend policy-based controls across provisioning patterns to protect data whether it’s pulled directly from a database or pushed into analytical datasets. We can apply policies in the query path for users to query sources directly using SQL, or apply policies in data pipelines to provision datasets for users or groups.

Protect data across environments

Centralized policy management gives you the power to define policies in one place and protect data across all your platforms and services. Policies apply consistently and avoid the complexity of developing controls for each individual platform.

Protect data at scale

Separating policy definition in the control plane from enforcement on multiple data planes provides flexibility. Policy enforcement makes the most of data processing platforms that are already in place to make sure scale is never an obstacle to protecting sensitive data.

Pull data safely

When analysts want to query data pulled directly from a data source, our access controls limit the visible data to what’s necessary for an analysis. Analysts can then ask their questions to a controlled view of data, in front of the data source.

Push data safely

When data scientists want datasets pushed to a specified location, our privacy controls combine to create de-identified datasets that implement data minimization principles for every analysis. Users can analyze protected data without reprocessing for every query.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

In modern data provisioning, privacy and accountability are built into the provisioning process directly to optimize efficiency and accelerate access to data.


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