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Data privacy controls

Data-centric protections, tailored to context, maximize the business value of data and minimize the risk of exposing sensitive information.

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Ensure data is used responsibly

Our comprehensive range of privacy-enhancing computation techniques — including dynamic and static data masking, tokenization, encryption and generalization — makes sensitive data safe. And these techniques can be used in any combination to tune data resolution for every analysis.

Policy-based privacy controls

Managing privacy controls in conditional policies means you can protect data based on context. Users can tailor controls to maximize the business value of data and minimize the risk of exposing identifiable attributes.

Controlled unmasking

Our armory includes reversible techniques, so records can be investigated after protection. Analysts can discover exceptional cases as they evaluate de-identified data and use controlled unmasking for customer service or fraud prevention responses.

Combine data safely

Privacy controls mean diverse data sources can be combined without the risk of identifying individual data subjects. Our unique solution design joins datasets with common identifiers safely, and k-anonymity is achieved by generalizing identifying attributes.

Watermarking and lineage

Our patented digital watermarking technology enables authorized users to determine the origin, lineage, and intended purpose of every provisioned asset. And by recording the provenance of protected data, Privitar helps streamline compliance and auditing.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

Find out how modern data provisioning combines people, processes, and technology to enable responsible data use efficiently and effectively.


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