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Policies that scale with your organization

Align data protection with approved business use, risk appetite, and regulatory compliance. Provision secure data at speed and scale with policies automatically enforcing the appropriate controls for your organization.

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Cover every use case

Apply the controls that are right for each use case. Privitar’s unique policy solution maps your logical data classifications, business terms, and tags to all the contextual variables you need to consider, even as your organization scales. Contextual attributes and conditional logic are managed in rules.

Leverage your context

Draw on your understanding of what, why, and where data is used to create policies that manage context. Contextual attributes — including relevant locations, user identity, privileges, and purpose — are captured from data itself, from metadata, from identity management, and from settings in other systems.

Create dynamic policies

Automate data protection at scale with multiple scenarios managed in any given policy. Privitar’s policies let you set the conditions when attribute-based access controls and transformations should apply. Data consumers see a controlled view or de-identified dataset with data appropriate for their use case.

Manage policies easily

Create policies for new use cases without the need to code, script, or reinvent the wheel. Privitar’s intuitive interface lets data guardians define, approve, and maintain policies with minimal effort. Revise policies at any time to keep pace with regulatory and corporate changes.

Enforce policies anywhere

Drive data protection across multiple environments from individual policies. Privitar’s policies are defined in one place but enforced consistently across diverse platforms and locations. Apply data protections in transit or at rest for consistency, performance, and security.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform brings universal, scalable security and privacy automation to the modern data stack. Get the product brief to see how you can share and use your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.

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