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Data exchange

Streamlined collaboration between data owners, guardians, and consumers puts the right data in the right hands, faster than ever.

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Unique self-service access to safe data

Our Data Exchange ensures data consumers understand what assets are safe and useful for analytics, so they can access approved data without friction or delay. Data owners and guardians define how data can be used, who can access it, and which controls to apply to it — automatically preparing data for responsible use.

Data registration

Data owners can easily package, curate, and register data assets to make them accessible to your team. They describe data with business terms that provide meaning, making it easier to define and apply appropriate controls — ensuring responsible use.

Policy management

Data guardians can effortlessly define, enforce, and maintain policies. They can keep pace with regulatory change using continuously updated templates for regulations including GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and CPPA — or create their own.

Self-service access

Data consumers explore, evaluate, and access safe data whenever they need it. Users browsing the Data Exchange see which data is useful and immediately available for safe use, and when users need access approved they can place requests directly within the platform.

Automated workflows

Our data exchange streamlines collaborative processes to drive faster access to data. Automated workflows establish robust processes for approving data registration and access requests. And a workflow engine automatically routes tasks across team members.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

Find out how modern data provisioning combines people, processes, and technology to enable responsible data use efficiently and effectively.


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