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Compliance steps that translate to policy

Radically simplify governance with actionable compliance steps mapped to data use. Privitar’s automated regulatory intelligence reduces the time, cost, and risk to launch new use cases.

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Translate regulation into policies

Automate compliance steps that easily translate into policies for access control and data transformation. Privitar’s Data Compliance Navigator is a unique compliance solution that matches your projects to actionable steps from applicable regulations. Its rules engine is codified by legal professionals expert in global data privacy laws.

Transparent compliance steps

Understand the risks and data compliance steps for data assets you want to share and use. Business users describe their intended use of data in a simple interface and Data Compliance Navigator instantly compiles a report of regulatory risks and actionable compliance steps.

Make regulatory intelligence your own

Break regulatory intelligence out of siloes like compliance teams or law firms at arm’s length from business users. Privitar reduces reliance on costly external legal advice to review requests for data access and advise on data compliance. Share and reuse your new knowledge with intuitive case management.

Navigate multiple jurisdictions

Grasp the impact of data regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Data Compliance Navigator maps requirements for data use by purpose and jurisdiction for regulations like GDPR, CPRA, and many more. Immediately understand the implications of users or data crossing borders, cloud migration, and more.

Regulatory intelligence at your fingertips

Privitar’s Data Compliance Navigator is available integrated in the Privitar Data Security Platform and as a standalone SaaS solution. Grow and scale your compliance strategy seamlessly on the architecture of your choice.

Navigate Data Compliance With Ease

Data Compliance Navigator helps users grasp the impact of data regulations on data use across multiple jurisdictions. Get actionable data compliance steps instantly, instead of waiting months.

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Powerful data security and privacy solutions

Privitar Data Security Platform builds for scale, performance, and data utility. Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

Calculate the cost of data compliance

Keeping up with data compliance can be costly in more ways than one. See exactly how much by using our data compliance calculator and answering three simple questions.

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