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Architecture to fit your needs and environment

Ensure security and privacy are never an obstacle to scale. Privitar’s Data Security Platform distributes policy enforcement to multiple cloud and on-premises data platforms from one control plane.

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Enforce policies everywhere

Avoid the complexity, cost, and risk of developing controls for individual platforms, data stores, or tables. Privitar separates policy definition from policy enforcement. Policies created in one, centralized location drive controls consistently, even across diverse environments.

Scale within current infrastructure

Ensure security and privacy are never an obstacle to scale. Privitar’s Data Security Platform leverages data processing platforms that are already in place for policy enforcement. Apply policies at any point on your infrastructure for consistency, security, and performance.

Protect data across use cases

Apply data protections consistently across the complete range of data consumption use cases. Query sources directly, with policies applied dynamically in the query path, or provision datasets for user groups, with policies applied in high-volume batch, streaming, or on demand data pipelines.

Pull secure data

Query data pulled directly from its source with protections applied dynamically. Privitar’s access controls and transformations only return the data necessary for that query. Analysts ask their questions to a controlled view of data from a given data source, dynamically populated and protected.

Push protected data

Transform data and load it to a specified data store for repeat use in data science, machine learning or AI. Privitar’s access controls and transformations combine to create de-identified datasets that implement data minimization principles for the use case. Analyze protected data without reprocessing for every query.

Choose how to deploy

Take advantage of cloud and on-premises resources. Privitar’s flexible architecture supports mixed deployments, including single, multi, and hybrid cloud configurations across multiple data platforms. Access functions through the platform’s intuitive UI or leverage comprehensive APIs.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform brings universal, scalable security and privacy automation to the modern data stack. Get the product brief to see how you can share and use your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.


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