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Access to data in frictionless self-service experiences

Share the right data to the right users at the right time. Privitar’s Data Security Platform gives data owners, guardians, and consumers one place to share, protect, and access data.

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Streamline collaboration

Meet requests for access quickly with streamlined collaboration. Privitar’s Data Security Platform brings data owners, guardians, and consumers together to accelerate tasks and decisions. Privitar’s workflow engine automatically routes approval for new assets, policies, and access requests to the right team members.

Privitar’s Data Exchange

Quickly understand what assets are available and approved for use. Privitar’s Data Exchange is a browser-based portal that displays the data assets you choose to share with your data consumers. Take complexity, friction, risk, and delays out of data provisioning processes.

Register data assets

Connect, curate, and register data assets on the Data Exchange. Data owners share data easily. Describe data using business terms and data classifications that help data consumers recognize available assets and data guardians define policies that ensure compliance.

Manage policies easily

Define, enforce, and maintain policies with minimal effort. Data guardians easily create the rules for new use cases in Privitar’s Data Security Platform. Leverage Privitar’s automated compliance steps to map your policies to requirements in GDPR, CPRA, and many other laws.

Shop for data

Explore, evaluate, and access data without friction or delay. Data consumers shop for data in the Data Exchange to understand what data is useful and available, request access to data for their projects, and document their purpose, all in one place.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform brings universal, scalable security and privacy automation to the modern data stack. Get the product brief to see how you can share and use your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.


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