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Access controls and PETs produce data fit for every use case

Tailor data protection in policies that address diverse use cases and data needs in context. Privitar’s comprehensive security and privacy controls preserve the business value of data while shielding sensitive and identifiable data.

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Fine-grained control

Handle varying degrees of sensitivity with subtlety. Fine-grained controls target rows, columns and individual cells. At the most granular level, rules define the treatment of individual cells based on other values in the dataset. Match protections to risk appetite with greater precision than any other solution.

Flexible access controls

Ensure access to data in the right conditions. Determine what data is filtered in or out based on the user, location, purpose, and many other attributes. Privitar’s policies combine attribute–based access control (ABAC), purpose–based access control (PBAC), and role–based access control (RBAC) for robust security.

Data privacy transformations

Use privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) to balance data privacy and utility. Privitar deploys an unrivaled range of techniques, including dynamic and static data masking, tokenization, encryption, and generalization, and more. Finely tune data’s resolution for any analysis.

Privitar Watermarks

Determine the origin and authorized use for every dataset. Privitar’s patented digital watermarking technology records the provenance of protected data. Deter insider threats with tamper-proof Watermarks distributed redundantly through protected data.

Controlled unmasking

Unmask or de-tokenize data to support actions like customer service or fraud prevention. Privitar’s arsenal includes reversible techniques that allow original values to be uncovered under strict control. Anomalies and exceptions discovered in de-identified data can be investigated.

Additional capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

The Privitar Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform brings universal, scalable security and privacy automation to the modern data stack. Get the product brief to see how you can share and use your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.


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