By Graeme Youngs, Product Marketing at Privitar 

We’ve recently released MDP 1.1, the latest version of our data security platform. The new release has a great set of upgrades so you can make the scalability and management of your policies more efficient, apply different behaviors for cells and improve connectivity and integration through our open architecture. Overall, we’ve made it even easier for you to define your policies once and provision them everywhere!

Our updated features and functionality include: 

  • Cell level transformations: apply different actions for individual cells based upon content, building beyond row and columns level actions.
  • Open architecture improvements:
    • OpenAPI enhancements: integrate and automate to other solutions in your software stack including data catalogs such as Collibra and other enterprise deployments.
    • New SDK: take advantage of our open policy architecture with our SDK to execute policies within your data platforms like Databricks, using their native data handling and processing. 
    • Extensible metadata: map any of your data attributes using our new extensible metadata which takes our unique metadata model even further.
  • Policy improvements:
    • Conditional policies: enhance your productivity, scalability, and performance using policy-level conditions to define default policy actions. 
    • Improved policy workflow: mitigate your risk and liability with explicit reviews and approvals for new or changed policies. 
    • Default transformations: preserve the integrity of your database schemas using redact with a null as a default transformation.

Check out my video interview with Product Manager Bill Brooks to find out more about the updates and how they’ll benefit you:

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