By Samira Raj, Product Manager at Privitar  

Privitar recently introduced the latest updates to The Privitar Data Privacy Platform, which include NOVLT, an entirely new way to do tokenization. NOVLT opens up new use cases, including data sharing across borders. The solution is designed to provide the benefits of tokenization while removing the dependency of a vault. Customers now have full flexibility to customize their approach to data protection for individual use cases, with Privitar offering two complementary methods of tokenization.


We developed NOVLT so customers can address a broader range of data sharing and analytics use cases and achieve greater speed and cost efficiency for existing use cases. With NOVLT, customers can:

  • Combine datasets across geographies and drive new insights through greater agility
  • Reduce costs incurred for a token vault database, replicated copies in data centers (for disaster recovery) and database administrators
  • Increase responsiveness without database read and write or delays when replicating tokens to a vault.

Unique capabilities

No other solution offers this flexibility and choice. Safeguarding data is a challenge that requires different approaches depending on the context – the data, the use case, and the implementation. The reality is that different use cases require different deployment modes, and we support both options. Privitar empowers customers to choose the technology solution that best fits their project, and ensures they are not limited to use cases that work for a specific, single tokenization solution.

No other solution watermarks tokenized data. Privitar Watermarks™ is a unique data provenance capability that distributes digital watermarks in tokenized data. Privitar Watermarks can be embedded using NOVLT and when tokenization is supported by a token vault.

Uniquely supports data sharing across jurisdictions. With our combination of NOVLT tokenization with batch de-identification into PPDs, Privitar can uniquely enable an organization to provision new datasets, fit for sharing with external entities and across borders, without holding raw data in a vault or database in a specific location. This empowers customers to comply with data sovereignty regulations when combining datasets from multiple locations.

How NOVLT works

NOVLT is designed to provide the benefits of consistent tokenization while removing the dependency of a central token vault. Instead the solution uses format preserving encryption (FPE) to create the tokens from sensitive data. Since the output of a NOVLT transformation depends on the encryption key a KMS is required to store the keys required for the consistency of tokenization – which can be easily distributed.

NOVLT works hand in hand with  Privitar’s other unique privacy capabilities to create strongly protected datasets. Privitar Watermarks can be embedded in data tokenized with NOVLT, to make data traceable and to deter insider threats. Protected Data Domains enable users to control the linkability of datasets containing tokenized data.

NOVLT will be offered alongside Privitar’s vault-supported tokenization solution in the Privitar Data Privacy Platform. Customers can tokenize data with a token vault or with NOVLT for different rules in the same policy. This essentially gives them the flexibility of choosing between the two, and selecting exactly the right approach based on the architecture and performance requirements related to their use case.

What else is new?

In addition to the NOVLT tokenization, Privitar has also introduced new in-app guidance to improve customer usability in the latest release of the Privitar Data Privacy Platform. We’ve integrated a digital adoption platform (DAP) to assist the onboarding of first-time users and support existing users. We also offer contextualized guidance and surface relevant walk-throughs and self-help materials based on your role and where you  are within the platform. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for customers to get up and running with their data protection and provisioning efforts and enable them to derive more insights and value from that data.

Stay tuned for more

As we head into 2022, we have cool updates on the horizon that will open up even more use cases. We’ll keep you posted here with the latest on new releases as they become available.

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