By Nico Dard, Director of Product Management at Privitar

We’re excited to announce the release of The Privitar Data Privacy Platform 4.1, which includes enhanced HIPAA compliance-focused features, new “fast start” rules packs designed to enable first time users to get their data privacy initiatives up and running quickly, and expanded multi language support to enable the masking and unmasking of data in more than 60 languages. All of our latest product updates are an extension of our core capabilities and are focused on increasing ease of use, easing adherence to regulatory compliance, and improving time to value. 

Enhanced HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations face increasing challenges balancing the protection of patient privacy with the use of this data in high value informatics applications. This challenge continues to be stressed as medical records remain the most valuable record type available on the black market.

With Privitar’s new enhanced HIPAA-focused capabilities, customers can now safely remove data from the scope of HIPAA via both the Safe Harbour method and via expert determination while allowing the data to retain analytical utility. 

Privitar’s latest release provides a more comprehensive approach to protecting data for use in the healthcare informatics setting. It enables organizations to safely provision contextually defined datasets for use in analytics initiatives while remaining in compliance with the regulation. This allows these organizations to derive value from data while significantly limiting the risk to the patient.

“Fast Start” Rules Packs

Privitar’s new fast start rules packs make it easy for first time users to get up and running, enabling them to rely on pre-packaged tried and true rules to get to launch and build out their privacy initiatives. The new rule packs contain example rules which are preconfigured to apply a recommended privacy technique to common fields such as name, telephone and email address. These rules can be used directly or act as a reference to understand the different privacy enhancing techniques (PETs) that are typically applied to various fields. Also, a new “Rule Preview” built directly in the UI allows faster and easier rule crafting, especially for first time users.

Expanded Multi Language Support 

Privitar now officially supports the masking and unmasking of text in over 60 languages. 

The supported languages must be encoded in UTF-8 and on the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).

Stay tuned for more

As we continue throughout 2021, we are building out The Privitar Data Privacy Platform and expanding capabilities to include enhanced privacy risk management, automated privacy protection, regulatory-focused solutions, and enhancements for cloud platforms. We’ll update you here with the latest on new releases as they become available.

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