By Crystal Woody, Sr. Director of Strategic Communications at Privitar 

Building on Privitar’s popular In:Confidence summits and digital events, we’ve launched In:Confidence, the podcast for DataOps leaders. Each week, host Nick Curcuru will invite thought leaders and futurists to delve into topics and trends concerning data, analytics, and data privacy. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Nick about the show. Read on to find out more, and what listeners can expect when they tune it.

CW: Why did Privitar decide to start this podcast?

NC: The In:Confidence podcast is really an extension of our popular in person In:Confidence summits and digital events. We held our first In:Confidence in London in 2018, with more than 150 guests. The next year, our London event more than doubled in size and scope, and we held a second In:Confidence summit in New York City. In 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we took In:Confidence digital, once again dramatically growing the size of the community.  Over the years, we’ve facilitated conversations with the leaders shaping the modern data landscape, including Professor Shoshana Zuboff, Chris Wylie, Tim Harford and Hannah Fry. We want to continue building out the In:Confidence community, and giving opportunities for data, analytics and privacy professionals to come together and learn from each other, no matter where they are.

CW: What can listeners expect to hear when they listen to each episode? 

NC: We’ll be interviewing Chief Data Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, medical professionals who are computer scientists, data engineers, leaders of data organizations, compliance officers, and business analysts. Basically all those people who are responsible for the data ecosystem, from executive level to practitioner. 

Some of our first guests include Cindy Maike, SVP from Cloudera, Giorgia Vulcano, Global Digital Ethics Manager at Anheuser Busch InBev, Dr.  Dexter Hadley, Founding Chief of the Division of AI at University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and Privitar’s privacy policy experts, Guy Cohen and Marcus Grazette 

We’ll be engaging these data leaders in important conversations about data, analytics, and how you can combine the two in ways that are safe and ethical. We’ll also explore how they maximize the utility of their data for analytics, and the innovative approaches they are taking. Our guests bring very different points of views, and represent many industries, which offers  an incredible variety of new perspectives for listeners.

Our goal is to help enlighten, educate, and inform the data leaders of today and tomorrow. This is all about sharing and learning from our guests, from their experience, and from their innovative work with data.  

At the end of each episode, our listeners will walk away with a better understanding of what other people are doing to solve some of the problems they are facing, and at least one or two insights or actions they can take back and use.  We will even have reference material available in the episode descriptions so they can learn even more about our guests and the work that they do.

CW: What are you hoping to accomplish with the show? 

NC: We know how difficult it is for organizations to balance their need to keep data both safe and usable by the people who need it for analytics. This is something that all of us working in data and analytics face, regardless of industry. We also face many of the same challenges along the way, and can all learn a lot from each other.  

We want people to know there is a community out there who want you to succeed, are willing to support you and are there to talk with you.  You do not have to face the challenges of safe, ethical analytics alone. The In:Confidence community can help you keep up to date with new trends, help you overcome obstacles, give you a place to commiserate a bit, and have some light moments learning that there are people out there just like you. 

CW: Where can people tune in? 

NC: The In:Confidence Podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Spotify, and right here on Privitar’s website. We hope that you’ll tune in each week, subscribe to the show, and share the content with your friends and colleagues!

CW: What should people do if they want to be a guest, or know someone who would be great for the show?

NC: In:Confidence is all about building a community around safe and ethical analytics, and we are really excited about tapping into that community to share their insights. If you are interested in joining as a guest, please email us at Share a bit about yourself, and what you’d like to discuss, and our team will follow up!  

Stay up to date with what’s new in data by listening to In:Confidence, the podcast for DataOps leaders. Tune in here, or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn.