In the final post of our 2022 trends and predictions series, the Privitar leadership team has shared their thoughts on trends and predictions tied to HR data analytics, leadership agility, and team building:

Predictive analytics will be embraced to combat the “Great Resignation”

Analytics in HR has traditionally been about reporting. As organizations grapple with employee turnover amidst the “Great Resignation,” they will increasingly look to predictive analytics to help save the day. By embracing predictive analytics, organizations can identify key trends in employee engagement and key moments in time to intervene, enabling them to take action and possibly save relationships that might be on the brink. It can cost as much as four times an employee’s salary to replace someone as it does to keep them. So, being able to prevent churn can provide a huge value to an organization. 

As part of predictive HR analytics efforts, organizations need to make sure that they are taking proper precautions to protect the people underneath the data and have full transparency on the policies used to protect the data. HR data can be among some of the most sensitive and incredibly useful data to derive insights. If companies use it both safely and ethically, they can reap the benefits of being able to leverage that powerful data, support happier employees, and increase engagement and longevity.” 

-Nick Curcuru, Vice President of Advisory Services, Privitar

Organizations embrace agile leadership to build high-performing teams

“Team leaders will increasingly challenge the status quo to typical performance management approaches and look to agile leadership methods to more effectively build, engage with, and support high-performing teams. They’ll focus on creating team cultures where creativity, experimentation, and innovation are rewarded, having trust and psychological safety are the norm, and management perspectives are grounded in team enablement rather than traditional performance management.”

-Victoria Normark, Chief Technology Officer, Privitar 

Organizations focus on change agility and building leadership to thrive

In 2021, organizations across industries and sectors faced unprecedented challenges on the people front. From adapting to rapidly evolving COVID-driven realities and new ways of work, organizations had to test and adapt, again and again. We’ve had to completely reimagine the employee experience, what culture is and how it shows up, and how to foster strong culture digitally. We’ve also faced an unprecedented talent market where all of the traditional rules of recruiting and building teams have flown out the window.

Embracing change agility will be essential for organizations to thrive in 2022 and beyond, as will focusing on building leadership at all levels. Employer brand and having a unique value proposition will matter more than ever to attract and retain top talent, and that starts from within the organization. Everyone will need to play a role in building and maintaining a strong culture and brand. The organizations that thrive in the talent wars will have both a unique value proposition and be laser-focused on establishing meaningful and authentic relationships within and across teams.” 

-Nicky Brocklehurst, Head of People, Privitar

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