Many choose Orlando for sun and warmth, but you’re heading there for cool and shady conference rooms and exhibition halls. That’s because you’re a data and analytics leader and Orlando is the location for the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit (20-22 March)—the place to be and be seen for heads of data and analytics, CDOs, CAOs, and CDAOs.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit is the premier global event for CDOs and other data leaders. Gartner is bar none the most vocal and long-standing advocate for the CDO and, more recently, CDAO roles, promoting the need for a dedicated executive to manage and leverage data as a strategic asset.

The influence (and budget) you wield in your organization today might have a lot to do with Gartner’s efforts to promote the CDO role. They’ve raised awareness of the importance of data leaders in driving business success, and raised the bar for businesses to invest in their data capabilities and competencies. 

The summit is a focal point for research and insight into data and analytics trends and best practices. It promises a wealth of analysis and practical advice that will help you stay ahead of the curve. For a flavor of the topics covered in just three days, check out our short survey of highlights from the last event.

Preparing for success

As summit veterans, we want to share four tips that will help you make the most of your investment in attending Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023. Follow these and you’ll be sure to soak up the knowledge, wisdom, and opportunity (if not sun) on offer in Orlando:

  1. Plan with laser-focus. This is a mammoth event with multiple tracks running simultaneously. If you’re like me, it’ll be a challenge to wrap your head around the best session for you with anything less than an hour’s notice. Think about what you want to achieve and set specific objectives before you attend. Then you can plan your schedule and attend sessions that align with your priorities. Don’t waste your time in sessions that don’t matter to you. And bring comfortable shoes to traverse the event’s huge campus!
  2. Network like a boss. Sure, the summit is all about learning, but long-lasting value comes by connecting with other attendees, experts, and vendors. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone who catches your interest. This is your chance to hobnob with trusted advisors and peers, swapping notes with those facing similar challenges to yours.
  3. Store up and share learning. Park preconceptions, keep an open mind, and be ready to absorb new ideas and concepts, for sure, but also take steps to retain what you learn and put it into practice later. Gartner’s Conference Navigator app is great as the place to find logistical details, but it’s indispensable as a store of research presentations. You can access slides before sessions begin and for weeks afterwards. Schedule time in the fortnight after the summit to review sessions you attended, and check out some you didn’t. You could even present back to team members who couldn’t make the trip— at worst it will help the key takeaways to sink in for you!
  4. The show doesn’t end when the show ends. Follow up with your new connections after the event. Networking is great, but there typically isn’t time to get into detail. Arrange analyst briefing and inquiries to push on the research that interests you. Arrange demos with the vendors that caught your eye. You never know when you might need to call on help, so stay front-of-mind with anyone that might provide value to your data and analytics strategy.

An agenda for success

If you follow those pro tips, you’ll come away with new insights, knowledge, and connections that take your organization’s data and analytics game to the next level.

But which sessions should you especially look out for?

Monday 20th

The first day is always about the big picture. Be inspired and renew your excitement for your team, your strategy, and your initiatives with insights into key trends.

  • “Lead for Purpose. Connect With Trust. Make an Impact” (Keynote)
  • “The Foundation of Organization and Roles: From Control to Collaborate” (Presentation)
  • “Ask the Expert: Governing Self-Service Analytics” (Presentation)
  • “Foundations of Self-Service Data Management” (Presentation)

Tuesday 21st

Now it’s time to drill deeper. Mix workshops and roundtables into your plans to get actionable insights that will help you implement best practices.

  • “How to Build Data and Analytics Communities?” (Roundtable)
  • “What Are the Must-Have Roles for Data and Analytics and Where to Find Them?” (Roundtable)
  • “The Active Metadata Helix: the Benefits of Automating Data Management” (Presentation)
  • “How to Leverage Metadata You Already Have!” (Workshop)
  • “Developing an Effective Cloud D&A Migration Strategy” (Technical Insights)

Wednesday 22nd

You’re a CDO that wants to put responsible data use at the heart of your digital transformation, even if the landscape gets more and more complex? Don’t flag. Keep pushing to the end. Make this the day you learn the latest in governance and privacy trends that will help you maximize your use of data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.

  • “Trends in Privacy, and How PETs Can Help” (Presentation)
  • “Practical Data and Analytics Governance in Multi-cloud” (Workshop)
  • “Top Data and Analytics Predictions, 2023” (Presentation)
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to Privitar (Booth 644 in the exhibition hall). We have enviable experience helping organizations use sensitive data responsibly through innovations in data privacy. Contact us if you want to schedule a meeting ahead of time.

As the importance of data as a strategic asset grows, so too does the need to protect it. You’ll have a critical role to play in ensuring data is managed in a secure and compliant way, to protect your organization and your customers. Gartner says, “In the face of a continuously challenging global environment, you’ll need to purposefully lead your team by balancing trust, accountability, governance and security with adaptability and responsiveness.”

Good luck, and we’ll see you at booth 644!