There’s no longer a debate. If you’re involved in data, you need a complete understanding of the key elements of data privacy to be effective.

We’ve been data privacy pioneers since it was just a gleam in regulators’ eyes, amassing a comprehensive knowledge along the way through our work with some of the most highly regulated sectors in the world like health, finance, and pharma. To celebrate Data Privacy Day on 28th January, which we believe should be a way of life rather than a day, below are five must-reads to enhance your data privacy knowledge:

Hopefully this is all you needed – a list of essential data privacy resources from industry experts. But if you’re looking for more on what each one covers, read on.

1. What data privacy legislation is out there?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know the GDPR exists and that it covers data use and data privacy in Europe. But what about other areas? The IAPP’s comprehensive summary of data privacy legislation around the world covers just that. If you belong to a company operating across international borders, you need to pin it to your wall.

2. Where’s the data privacy legislation going?

Sit back and join the experts while they discuss legislative trends for 2023 and beyond featuring Kate Lucente at DLA Piper, Justin Yedor at BakerHostetler, and leading authority in data privacy, Paul McCormack. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what you can do today to ensure you are ready for what comes next.

3. What is the effect of data privacy on data analytics?

Did you know over 60% of organizations said that privacy concerns limit their ability to use data effectively? Prepare to be surprised with the feedback from this survey from organizations on the challenges they face from data privacy risks, compliance concerns, and their future priorities.

4. How can AI help understand data privacy?

We asked ChatGPT How will you celebrate Data Privacy Day? and this was the answer:

As a language model, I do not have the ability to celebrate or observe events. However, Data Privacy Day is an international event celebrated annually on January 28th to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy and the protection of personal information. It is organized by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in the United States, and similar organizations around the world.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses can participate in Data Privacy Day by educating themselves and others about data privacy and security, reviewing and updating their own privacy policies and practices, and promoting privacy-enhancing technologies. Additionally, it is a good day to review and update personal privacy settings on social media and other online accounts, and to take steps to secure personal devices and networks.”

Go ask your own data privacy question:

5. What are PETS and how do they help with data privacy?

Buckle up and prepare for some thinking. This new report offers a deep dive into the risk and rewards of Privacy Enhancing Technologies. The report, from the UK’s Royal Society, (featuring leading research institutions and contribution from our own Head of Research, Suzanne Weller) breaks new ground examining the role of PETs in data governance and collaborative analysis.

We hope you found the above useful. Happy Data Privacy Day!

PS: If you’re in France and want to catch up with us in person, come along to the annual IAPP Data Protection Intensive event in March. Vive la data privacy!