Last week in London, Privitar held its inaugural In:Confidence event, bringing together the data privacy community for a day of talks and panels focused on how privacy can be an enabler for innovation, operational efficiency, and for building consumer trust.

Up on the In:Confidence stage, the industry-leading line-up of speakers debated the rising controversy around corporate use of personal data and how an ethical approach to data privacy can create competitive advantage ‘ whether by building innovative new products and services, by building and retaining customer trust, or by safely collaborating with industry peers.

Many of the industry’s leading thinkers and practitioners from the world of data analytics and privacy joined the exceptional speaking line up, along with the man at the centre of the data privacy media storm ‘ Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower. Joining him on stage were Ben Goldacre, author, broadcaster and doctor at the University of Oxford; Azeem Azhar, award winning entrepreneur, Exponential View & Accenture Advisor; JP Rangaswami, Chief Data Officer at Deutsche Bank and Jeni Tennison, CEO, ODI, to name but a few (see full list of speakers here).

Check back to the Privitar blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn over the coming weeks for highlights from the event, recordings of our speaker sessions, and in depth discussion of the key topics debated on stage.

First up is the full interview of Christopher Wylie with journalist, Harry Davies on the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data breach scandal and how the industry will react moving forward – this one isn’t to be missed! Follow the link below to tune in to the Christopher Wylie interview broadcast.

Access the Chris Wylie interview here