Thanks everyone for coming last night! Lovely to host people for our first data ethics policy meet up! We talked a bit about the current CDEI consultation (link here if you want to review or respond). And no one mentioned data trusts’

Was great to kick off what I hope can be a regular, every-other-month meet up. Data ethics is a rapidly developing and expanding policy area. The aim of these meet ups is to provide a space for those working in or around policy to discuss their projects informally. The aim being to stay abreast of developments and avoid duplication of effort or missed opportunities for collaboration. I hope everyone who came found it useful, I certainly did!

If you work in the space and would like to attend the next one (which will be in early September, probably Tuesday the 4th or Wednesday the 5th), please get in touch! The issues affect all sectors and industries, and we see initiatives coming from a wide spread of places. It would be great to be able to connect up some of those more disparate projects and share the breadth of learning.
If you are interested in an event focused on how privacy can be an enabler for innovation, operational efficiency, and for building customer trust, feel free to visit our In:Confidence 2019 page to register your interest.