By Federico Benedetto, Manager, Product Management at Privitar

Organizations are increasingly relying on cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data architectures that give them faster time to value from their analytics, AI and machine learning tools, but privacy risks, regulatory compliance and corporate policies can disrupt or even halt these efforts altogether. As organizations build out their cloud data pipelines and infrastructures, they need to keep their data safe while maintaining its analytical utility. Solving their privacy concerns is a critical part of this process. 

That’s why we are so excited to unveil Privitar’s new seamless cloud native pattern to protect sensitive data in AWS. Our new end-to-end AWS pattern enables customers to protect their sensitive data in the cloud easily with minimal infrastructure setup and maintenance, reducing set up to a matter of clicks, and creating a seamless experience for data management, analytics and privacy on AWS.

This effort is an expansion of our longstanding relationship with AWS. Privitar is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and we share top-tier enterprise customers in banking, healthcare and the public sector. We’ve achieved AWS Security Competency status and AWS Data and Analytics Competency status, and the Privitar Data Privacy Platform is available in the AWS Marketplace.

We worked in lockstep with the AWS team to define and validate our new solution, leveraging best in class AWS native patterns and developed a solution that fundamentally changes the way that organizations can bring their privacy efforts online. Customers can now natively deploy Privitar on AWS using Cloudformation and CDK, import a schema from the AWS Glue Data Catalog, define a Privitar Policy, and then apply the Privitar Policy to de-identify data on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), leveraging AWS Glue ETL. The benefits consist of three major changes:

Out-of-the-box Automated Deployment and Upgrades 

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform can now be deployed in a matter of clicks with Amazon CloudFormation, the native AWS service that enables customers to deploy infrastructure as code, and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). Upgrades to newer versions of the Privitar Data Privacy Platform are also managed and automated.

Serverless Policy Execution with AWS Glue ETL

Privitar’s batch jobs can now run using AWS Glue, a fully managed cloud-based ETL service on AWS. This enables ephemeral, highly scalable, serverless compute native to AWS, with minimal configuration and seamless application of a Privacy Policy to datasets on Amazon S3. Integration with AWS Glue ETL removes any requirement for customers to manage long-running clusters, or automate their lifecycle.

Schema Inference from the AWS Glue Data Catalog

Privitar connects directly to the AWS Glue Data Catalog, an index to the location, schema, and runtime metrics of your data. Schemas can be created within Privitar by importing directly from AWS Glue Data Catalog. This enables customers storing data in Amazon S3 to use the capabilities provided by AWS Glue Data Catalog to manage and discover schemas for their Amazon S3 datasets, before importing these schemas into Privitar. Minimal configuration is needed before they can start protecting data in the cloud.

We know the critical role that data privacy plays in fully unlocking the value of the cloud for analytics. Privitar’s new native pattern on AWS has made that process easier than ever. Instead of locking sensitive data away and treating it as a liability, customers can easily protect their data by baking privacy in, and take full advantage of AWS analytics and machine learning tools. This is a huge win, and will enable customers to drive greater value from their sensitive data.

Want to learn more about using The Privitar Data Privacy Platform on AWS? Check out our partner page or schedule a demo now.