Cloud enablement with data privacy on AWS

Cloud enablement with data privacy on AWS

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As modern data-driven organisations increasingly look to use cloud services to drive growth and innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a recognised leader, providing a comprehensive, secure, scalable, and cost-effective portfolio of services that empowers enterprises to get the most value from their data by building in the cloud.

But data privacy concerns affect the willingness and ability of organisations to fully leverage their data for the numerous and varied analytics use cases that are possible in the cloud. Tightened regulation around personal data, fear of data breaches, and trust and brand reputation issues are all stifling the faster and broader adoption of cloud services.

Privitar software addresses the risks inherent in accessing sensitive data and reduces obstacles to cloud adoption.


Control, use and share data safely with Privitar on AWS

Deploying Privitar on AWS is straightforward. Privitar’s solution is designed and built according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and works seamlessly with the flexibility and richness of AWS services. Once privacy-enhanced data is ready for the cloud, AWS makes it easy to store data in any format, securely, and at massive scale.

Data transformed by Privitar can be utilised for the wide range of use cases enabled by AWS – including interactive analysis, big data processing using Hadoop and Spark, data warehousing, real-time analytics, operational analytics, dashboards, and visualisations – with a broad and cost-effective set of analytic services that run on the data lake, each purpose-built for its analytic function.

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Customer case study - enabling privacy protected data insight with ClearScore on AWS

Privitar is working with ClearScore, the UK’s leading credit score fintech business, to help them safely leverage consumer data to create new products and deliver maximum value to their customers.

To justify and maintain the high level of trust of its customers, ClearScore needed a way to gain new insights through analysing and sharing consumer data, while ensuring individual consumers’ privacy was protected.

ClearScore selected Privitar Publisher for its unique and market-leading capability to apply privacy protections directly to datasets, reducing unnecessary privacy risk by applying data minimisation techniques. The ability to create, manage and apply centralised privacy policies gives ClearScore confidence that they can empower any user to handle consumer data safely. Reusable, fine-grained privacy policies that can be applied to data shared with partners significantly reduces the risk that ClearScore’s customers’ data would ever be exposed.

Privitar is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, and its Publisher solution is deployed within ClearScore’s AWS environment, using Amazon EC2 to run Publisher while enabling elastic scaling, Amazon RDS to store policy configurations and DynamoDB as the token vault.

Clearscore CTO Klaus Thorup said that the power of a secure and controlled data solution, as provided by Privitar, enables Clearscore to create powerful, new integrated products which help users reach their goals to improve their financial well-being.



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