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Privitar Labs & Policy

Developing advanced solutions to the most challenging data privacy problems

The practical application of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) is advancing rapidly. Many promising new techniques are emerging, but the challenge lies in matching these to the right business use cases and developing them into products that are easy to understand and to use correctly, at scale. This is Privitar’s mission.

Within Privitar Labs, we’re driving the creation of data provisioning solutions using privacy enhancing technologies. We work in close partnership with our strategic customers to apply leading privacy techniques that enable new uses of data across organizations.

Conducting safe intercompany analytics

Regulated industries face legal and ethical hurdles when sharing raw data. Federated analytics allows the analysis of data split across multiple organizations without centralizing the data. In this paper, we highlight the main challenges in performing federated analytics, briefly summarize our evaluation of the technologies to address these challenges, and provide guidance on evaluating commercial tools for federated analytics.


Collaboration with international academic experts

We’re proud to work closely with our academic advisors and the wider academic community to track and understand the latest theoretical developments and how to apply them in the real world. We advance the state of the art in data provisioning and privacy, and this collaborative work feeds directly into Privitar’s core product roadmap.

Meet our academic advisors

Sharing data insights with differential privacy
Protecting sensitive information in unstructured text
Safely analysing location data

Case Studies

ABN Case Study cover

ABN AMRO: de-identification of unstructured text

Privacy is of paramount importance for ABN AMRO. To use unstructured data and create value for their customers safely and ethically, the bank sought to leverage privacy enhancing technologies to redact and protect the identifying information contained within those data sources.

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UCAS Case Study cover

UCAS: an evidence-based approach to data access

The data UCAS works with is sensitive, personal information about student applicants. UCAS is committed to use this information in a responsible way. As a team of privacy risk experts, Privitar Labs partnered with UCAS to assist them.

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Assuring data privacy in an increasingly digital world is a significant and pressing challenge. To create and market effective data provisioning and privacy software, Privitar commits significant resources to our Labs and Policy teams to gain a deep understanding of all facets of the problem.

Our teams work with leading academics, policy makers, regulators, and other experts to consider how technology can help us to preserve privacy while utilizing data. We make this investment because we’re passionate about solving the privacy problem, and because we believe it’s only by grappling with the hard issues that we’re going to be able to build and market the solutions that our clients need. This work also enables us to produce high-quality, thought-leading content that helps companies in the selection and use of privacy enhancing technologies —and can even shape public debate.

Protecting privacy in practice

The current use, development and limits of Privacy Enhancing Technologies in data analysis

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Differential privacy

An introduction for statistical agencies

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