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Welcome to the Privitar engineering page. Learn more about what we work on and what it is like to be an engineer at Privitar.

What We Build

Our customers are businesses that have highly valuable data from which they want to derive patterns, while respecting and preserving the privacy of their users. We create software products that transform data at scale and enable safe, privacy-preserving access.

Our Technology

Our Culture

Commitment to Quality

We care about the quality of our software. We strive to have the best codebase.


Our most important value is team collaboration.

Everyone Codes

We minimise managerial overhead and keep a flat structure. Everyone codes.

Work / Life Balance

We are here for the long term. We aren’t going to burn out. We eat and socialise and sleep.


We work together in small teams and are transparent in what we do and respectful of each other.

Iterative Process

We code and release iteratively.


We hire the best developers and give them as much autonomy as possible, trusting them to make good judgments about what they do and how they do it.

Continued Education

We want to keep learning. Devs move around teams. Every dev goes to a conference every year. We learn from each other.

Persistent Review Cycles

We are growing fast and continually review our org structure and work methods to make the best trade-offs between autonomy and cohesion.

Our Interviews – What We Look for and Why:

We think hard about how we interview, and iterate on the process to ensure a smooth and fair experience. We try to ask interesting technical questions and many candidates remark that they enjoy them.

Interviewing is a two way thing – we like candidates to meet quite a few team members, enabling candidates to get a good sense of the team and culture and if it is a place they want to be a part of.

For developers, we don’t test specific tool experience, or filter for a highly specific background – instead we look for great problem solving skills and a good ability to articulate this in code. Wanting to be part of a hugely collaborative team environment is also an important culture aspect.

Ready to learn more?

Our recruiting team is here to answer your questions and discuss your future at Privitar.