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Informatica Announces Intent to Acquire Privitar to Bolster Cloud Data Governance Capabilities

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The Data Security Platform for consumers, owners, and guardians

Unleash the power of your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust. Privitar is the scalable data security and privacy solution for all data access.

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Industry leaders choose Privitar

Why you need a Data Security Platform

Data creates opportunities to drive innovation and success like never before. Our Data Security Platform helps you accelerate your data-driven initiatives, safely and ethically.

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Powerful and scalable data security and privacy solutions

Privitar builds for scale, performance, and data utility.


Share the right data to the right users at the right time, with one place to share, protect, and access data.

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Align data protection with approved business use, risk appetite, and regulatory compliance for secure data at speed and scale.

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Tailor data protections for every use case and context with comprehensive security and privacy controls.

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Radically simplify governance with actionable compliance steps mapped to data use.

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Fuel responsible data use

Use your data to drive efficiency and innovation while navigating data compliance and maintaining customer trust.

Self-serve access to data

Empower your teams to access data effortlessly. Streamline complex approval processes to accelerate access. Simplify data registration and policy management. Automate data protection at scale.

Release more data under your control

Unlock the potential of all your data sources. Release the value of untapped data stores. Map data protection to each use case and automatically transform sensitive data for responsible data use.

Give every data consumer access to data

Expand responsible data access to more users. Control what your users see, without disrupting their ability to get value from data. Democratize data. Equip everyone to reach insights from data.

Protect data without losing its value

Generate critical insights from protected data. Make no compromise on data privacy. Use cutting-edge privacy enhancing technologies. Fine tune data resolution for each analysis.

Get more from existing investments

Make the most of technologies that already deliver value for you. Build privacy protections into current pipelines. Let users access protected data in their preferred tools.

Comply with ease

Take the hassle out of compliance. Simplify data protection and automate risk management. Map controls to multiple laws and regulations. Gain peace of mind.

Make your last mile the smoothest mile

Much like the final stretch of a supply chain or delivery service, data management’s “last mile” – policy enforcement and approval workflows – is slow and demands significant resources. The result? Laborious approval processes, missed opportunities, unnecessary risk and unhappy data consumers.

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Privitar named joint-winner of UK-US PETs Prize Challenge

Privitar has been announced as joint-winner of the UK-US PETs Prize Challenge, a transatlantic innovation prize challenge created to advance the use of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) in tackling some of our most pressing societal challenges. 
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Privitar announces Kormoon acquisition extending data privacy and provisioning capabilities

Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, today announced it has acquired Kormoon, a software platform that helps organizations manage the complexities of data privacy regulations by analyzing data usage, assessing…
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Privitar announces strategic partnership with data integration and management leader Denodo to advance Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar and Denodo align to put safe data at the core of data mesh and logical data fabric powered by data virtualization  Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, today…
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