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Use 100% of your data

Data security and privacy solutions that power legal and ethical use.

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Trusted by industry-leading organizations including:

Modern Data Provisioning

Fuel innovation with privacy and security enforced in data movement flows and real-time access controls. Safe and meaningful data reaches those who need it, when they need it.

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Powerful and scalable data security and privacy solutions

Privitar builds for scale, performance, and data utility.

Modern Data Provisioning Platform

The only platform that provides self-service access to safe data in real time.

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Data Privacy Platform

Create protected data with the greatest analytical utility.

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Data Privacy for Chat

Using deep learning to mitigate privacy risks when analyzing conversational chat data.

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Data Compliance Navigator

Navigate compliance and all the data privacy and protection laws that apply to your data.

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Streamline and automate routes to protected data

Collaborative workflows and policy-based controls enable efficient, effective, and responsible data use across your business and beyond.

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Data security and privacy fit for your industry

Industry leaders trust Privitar to help them navigate industry standards and regulations without compromising their data-driven initiatives.

Financial Services

Designed with sensitive data in mind, power responsible use with Privitar.

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From clinical to commercial, protect your data at scale with Privitar.

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The State of Data Analytics Report

Results of a new survey of data leaders conducted by Bloor Research found that access to data is significantly limited by data privacy and protection regulations. See exactly what other challenges data leaders are facing and what can be done to overcome them in our full report.

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Data Provisioning Software Buyer’s Guide

To help your organization evaluate data provisioning platforms and build your framework, we’ve compiled a list of questions along with responses to look for.
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The Top 7 Techniques for De-identifying Data

De-identifying or anonymizing their data is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your customers, patients, partners, and employees. De-identification replaces raw data values with safer alternatives…
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First steps to data provisioning maturity

An organization’s deepest insights are often derived from sensitive data. Responsible organizations know they must ensure such data is safe for broad consumption.
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