World-class privacy engineering

Privitar facilitates broader use of data while adopting an uncompromising approach to protecting confidential information.

Privitar provides technology products that add privacy protection to leading data architectures, enabling companies to publish and share anonymised data internally or safely expose sensitive data to 3rd parties.

Essential to modern data architecture

Privacy-by-design for big data


Build trust with customers by enforcing clear and consistent privacy policies and the assurance that sensitive data will be protected


Demonstrate due care and limit legal liability with policy-driven enforcement of data protection policies


Make sensitive data more broadly accessible and combine data assets to increase business value


Limit exposure and reputational damage in the event of a breach with leading data protection techniques


Carefully evaluate privacy risk and act with understanding using quantitative metrics for privacy risk and data utility


Avoid costly and complex implementation projects with turn-key solution certified for leading data architectures

Privitar Partners

Privitar is working with technology, integration and infrastructure partners to help companies adopt privacy best practices and comply with evolving regulation


Companies may be unknowingly and unwillingly leaking sensitive information in non-obvious ways as the use of data for secondary purposes expands. Privitar is providing products that integrate neatly with Cloudera Enterprise, the leading open source data management platform based on Apache Hadoop.

Tim Stevens, VP Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera

Privacy matters: One solution, on the privacy side at least, is to separate the identity of the person being measured by a sensor from the data they generate. John Taysom, a fellow of the University of Cambridge and co-founder of privacy company Privitar, believes this “disassociation” is key because companies and governments get the data without a risk to privacy.

Sean Hargrave, The Guardian

It is essential that we develop practical ways of protecting privacy, otherwise we may not be able to sustain growth in the internet based economy.

David Cleevely CBE, FREng:
Chairman Centre for Science & Policy, University of Cambridge

Privacy is a game changer; it will be to organizations in 2016 what websites were to companies in 2000. So this is the year to up the ante on your investments: you need the right cross-functional team, good governance practices, and the technical tools to ensure that all of your systems are in compliance with both laws and internal privacy guidelines. Making the right investments will let your firm drive business growth, win new customers, and build deeper customer relationships.

Forrester Research, Jan ‘16

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