Privacy is the new competitive advantage

Extract maximum value from data without intruding on client privacy

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Protect and comply

Ensure compliance with regulation and protect against misuse of data


Transform sensitive data usage

Use, share and derive insights from data safely


Innovate with privacy

Leverage data with an uncompromising approach to customer privacy



Organisations gather information about customers across every facet of their lives. Extracting value from this information is transforming society. However, this unprecedented collection of data has created new and increased privacy risk.

Adopting a privacy-by-design approach gives us the best of both worlds. The ability to innovate and leverage data, with an uncompromising approach to customer privacy.

Engineering privacy

Privitar is a leading privacy engineering company. We enable organisations to use, share and derive insights from data safely. Our software products encapsulate leading patented privacy engineering IP, enabling organisations to:

Create opportunities
for the use of valuable information assets.

Allow broader use,
collaboration & sharing, creation of new products.

Reduce risk
associated with storing, processing and using sensitive data.

against data breach, regulatory penalties, misuse of data.

We’re working with some of the world’s largest companies across industries


Share and analyse health care data without revealing the identity of your patients:

Ensure the anonymity of underlying patient records and go beyond traditional de-identification methods.
Transform and anonymise sensitive data to facilitate secondary use: 

Transform your data using sophisticated masking and anonymisation technique and make it suitable for use in broader contexts. 

Key use cases include:

- Pooling of statistics across providers
- Safe sharing of data with researchers

Financial Services

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements: 

Mask or anonymise sensitive data appropriate to regions or departments without a significant impact to data utility and ensure compliance with data protection legislation.  

Provide safe access to sensitive data sets to both internal users and third parties for further analysis: 

Privitar enables collaboration between institutions on sensitive data sets for testing or analysis. 

Key use cases include:

- Customer analytics and marketing
- System testing on real datasets without re-identification risk
- Safe sharing of datasets for technology and business innovation
- Anonymisation of data suitable for cloud processing


Protect against the unintended consequences of re-identification attacks or the mosaic effect: 

Privitar ensures that risk metrics are constantly re-evaluated as new data sources are added and joined for profiling purposes. 

Mine behavioral analytics from this highly personal and pervasive data class: 

Privitar ensures that privacy is considered at the outset and in depth with sound privacy-by-design principles. 

Key use cases include:

- Operational monitoring and optimisation
- Customer retention and marketing
- Creation of data products based on location and activity data for an anonymised populations


Protect your consumers personal information in compliance with regulation.

Mine consumer data, demographic information for insights and predictive analytics: Privitar ensures data anonymity and enables safe broader access

Key use cases include:

- Customer analytics and marketing
- Safe sharing of data with external parties

Delivering solutions across the organisation

Our products have been developed to deliver the principles of privacy-by-design throughout the data lifecycle, to help:

  • Understand what data exists, its sensitivity, privacy risks and usage
  • Give visibility, control and consistency of sensitive data usage
  • Have confidence that you are achieving regulatory compliance
  • Gain maximum data utility whilst preserving privacy

How organisations use Privitar

Risk & compliance

  • Ensure compliance with regulation (e.g. GDPR)
  • Enable safe public cloud adoption
  • Protect against data breach and the misuse of data
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  • Analyse sensitive operational data to gain cost efficiencies or competitive insight
  • Safely open up restricted data for more comprehensive analysis
  • Provide benchmark and consensus views without revealing proprietary information
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Sharing & collaboration

  • Transfer sensitive data across borders
  • Share anonymised data with partners and academics
  • Collect and analyse data without revealing sensitive attributes
  • Generate representative data for testing
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Who is Privitar for?

Privitar products allow organisations to mine datasets containing sensitive information (e.g. customer data, patient records, banking transactions, geospatial coordinates, trade data) while preserving privacy or confidentiality. This opens up data for safe secondary use while ensuring consistent and accountable protection of private information.


Have a clear view of what sensitive data the organisation holds, what policies are in place to mitigate privacy risks, and full audit and data lineage of each safe data product.


Define robust privacy policies, and drive the transformation of sensitive data sets into safe data products, bringing consistency and full accountability to the governance of confidential data.

Analysts and data scientists

Use Privitar products to access data safely, and to understand and control how best to apply Privitar’s statistical anonymisation techniques to maximise data utility.

Legal & compliance

Have confidence that you and your teams are meeting and exceeding compliance regulation.

Data engineers

Build privacy protection into the data platform by integrating Privitar into each stage of the data pipeline, orchestrating policy execution through API integration.

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Companies may be unknowingly and unwillingly leaking sensitive information in non-obvious ways as the use of data for secondary purposes expands. Privitar is providing products that integrate neatly with Cloudera Enterprise, the leading open source data management platform based on Apache Hadoop.

Tim Stevens, VP Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera

Privacy matters: One solution, on the privacy side at least, is to separate the identity of the person being measured by a sensor from the data they generate. John Taysom, a fellow of the University of Cambridge and co-founder of privacy company Privitar, believes this “disassociation” is key because companies and governments get the data without a risk to privacy.

Sean Hargrave, The Guardian

It is essential that we develop practical ways of protecting privacy, otherwise we may not be able to sustain growth in the internet based economy.

David Cleevely CBE, FREng:
Chairman Centre for Science & Policy, University of Cambridge

Privacy is a game changer; it will be to organizations in 2016 what websites were to companies in 2000. So this is the year to up the ante on your investments: you need the right cross-functional team, good governance practices, and the technical tools to ensure that all of your systems are in compliance with both laws and internal privacy guidelines. Making the right investments will let your firm drive business growth, win new customers, and build deeper customer relationships.

Forrester Research, Jan ‘16

Privitar Partners

Privitar is working with technology, integration and infrastructure partners to help companies adopt privacy best practices and comply with evolving regulation

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