Privitar is Data Privacy

Unlock the advantage of data-driven insights while ensuring data privacy


Enterprise Data Privacy Software

Data-driven enterprises rely on Privitar to minimize data privacy risk and achieve regulatory compliance while freeing them to use advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract the maximum value from the sensitive personal data they collect, manage and use.


Maximize privacy and utility of datasets across multiple environments, with state-of-the-art de-identification techniques.


Embed invisible watermarks into protected data. Watermarks allow the origin and lineage of a file to be established.

Policy Management

Privitar's easy-to-use management interface allows non-technical users to author, review and manage data protection policies.

Safe, Usable Data

Privitar is dedicated to helping organizations realize the promise of their most valuable asset – safe, usable data – to empower them to create better products, services and customer experiences. As part of a modern data architecture, the Privitar Data Privacy Platform protects customers’ sensitive personal information so that enterprises can minimize privacy risk – preserving customers’ hard-won trust and achieving regulatory compliance. Request a demo of our enterprise data privacy software. See how your business leaders and data scientists can extract the most value from your sensitive customer data while simultaneously minimizing risk.

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Privitar Is the Only Enterprise Data Privacy Software That Enables

Data-Driven Innovation

Unleash data-driven insights over intuition and experience to accelerate growth, improve outcomes and delight customers.

Accelerated Insights

Say goodbye to slow, error-prone, manual data provisioning. Integrate privacy into your pipeline and automate your data lifecyle.

Uncompromising Privacy

Don’t rely on yesterday’s security methods. Only Privitar supports the full range of de-identification techniques in any combination.

Cloud Transformations

Realize the promise of the cloud - data lakes, elastic compute, advanced AI/ML - control what data moves outside your four walls.

Demonstrable Compliance

Comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc. Consistently apply data privacy controls across all of your sensitive data.

Enterprise Scale

No need for shadow clusters to process privacy rules. Privitar is built for modern data architectures.

Join the World’s Leading Data Privacy Conversation

30th April 2020 | Digital Conference

On April 30th, we will host the first ever In:Confidence Digital, a special digital event focused on uniting the data privacy community online. We’ll broadcast live-streamed video sessions, including presentations from AWS and the Financial Times, to audiences across the globe.

We hope that you will be able to join us on April 30th for this day of valuable content and virtual community-building, and once again in-person later this year for In:Confidence live. Stay tuned for more details for both events in the weeks ahead.

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