We are data privacy engineering

We create software designed for enterprise-wide privacy protection.

We recognise that organisations have an unprecedented amount of data and that this is fuelling advanced analytics and machine intelligence. But as this data is linked to create powerful insights, new and significant privacy risks emerge.

We help you overcome those risks - and get more value, from more data, more quickly - by engineering scalable, consistent privacy protection into your data platforms.

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The benefits of data privacy engineering with Privitar

Gain faster insights

Gain faster insights

Say goodbye to slow, manual provisioning. Enable your data scientists, analysts and business users to quickly and safely access insights from even the most sensitive datasets.

Overcome trust barriers

Overcome trust barriers

Control how datasets are linked and keep track of it using our unique watermarking technology, reducing the risk of privacy breaches and preventing unauthorised collaboration.

Enable data-driven innovation

Enable data-driven innovation

Protect data with the latest privacy techniques, allowing more sensitive data to be made available to more users, enabling deeper customer analytics, streamlined DevOps workflows, and collaborative innovation driven by advancements in machine learning and advanced analytics.

Reduce privacy risk

Reduce privacy risk

Use centralised, policy-based tools to eliminate the threat of advanced privacy attacks, helping you extract insights from customer data and move data operations safely to the public cloud.

Simplify regulatory compliance

Simplify compliance

Ensure your data platform remains compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations with contextual controls that enable you to safeguard or de-classify data.

Enable multi-cloud deployment

Enable multi-cloud deployment

Software designed to work seamlessly with other components in your data pipeline – accelerating deployment, minimising management overheads, and helping you adopt Data as a Service models.

We solve data privacy challenges for our customers

Our products provide a unique combination of privacy techniques, governance and management features that are essential to any organisation embracing data-driven insight.


Privitar Publisher

Consistently extract value from your sensitive data through pattern-preserving data de-identification.

Privitar Lens

Develop safe, interactive analytics applications without opening access to raw data.

Privitar SecureLink

A data de-identification system built to overcome trust barriers and combat data siloing.

Our customers include

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